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Yeah, I’m Single, So What?

Why is it that I cannot open a book, turn on a television show, or have a conversation with someone without seeing or hearing about how awful it is being single? The single guy on the sitcoms is always creepy, and the single girl is always desperate. Why do we gravitate on having someone?

Before you start judging me and thinking of me as a shrill, bitter, and pathetic guy who is just venting about not being able to get a date, hear me out. I am just trying to figure out why we, as a society, put so much pressure on finding our “other half.” Personally, I love being single. Sure, there are those times where having someone to share your world with, cuddle you, or just talk to you in the wee hours of the morning are nice, but not necessary. I mean what is this “you complete me” crap anyway? I’m sorry, but if you are not complete, in and of yourself, then there is no way I’m going to enter into a relationship with you knowing you’re off your emotional rocker. (OK, I must admit that the paragraph did sound a little shrill and bitter, let me try a different approach.)

I feel like half of the want and “need” for a relationship is instilled into our minds from everyone else who is in a relationship so we can join in their misery. I mean let’s just take a look at the relationships around us and see what they get us. Sure, Jack and Jill are the perfect couple, always holding hands, groping each other, but every time you invite them anywhere they cancel because they have to attend to their “soul mate.” So, their social life goes down the drains. Then we have Dan and Denise, they are the on again, off again couple that requires a scoreboard to see who is winning their most recent fight. They consume themselves with how they can one up the other person and blab on and on until you pull out all of your hair. Thirdly, there is James and Jennifer, they seem like normal people who hang out, still have a good relationship, but give each other space. However, seven months into the relationship James finds out that, even though he was cheating on her the whole time, she was too and both of them are so heartbroken they don’t know how they will ever cope.

This is the reason why I am so happy with being single right now. Of course, I want a relationship someday and I want someone to be there for me. And no, I am not nearly as crabby about love and relationships as this post makes me seem. However, I am not one to be in a relationship just because its been three months, the television says I’m incomplete, or someone is bragging about their great relationship. I think the mentality of using someone else as a crutch to stop dealing with ourselves is the exact reason why so many relationships fail, the divorce rate is so high, and people are generally unhappy. I have this odd idea that you should only start dating someone when you are crazy about every aspect of them not because Dr. Phil says so.


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7 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Single, So What?

  1. I’m guilty of being in 2 many bad relationships. I don’t think I would have admitted it before, but looking back I probably did dred this whole being single thing… but now that I have been single for 6 months, I see it has a lot of good parts, so many good parts that the next guy will have to be pretty god damn amazing to make me want to change my status. Your right though, society tells us that something is missing without it or that you won’t be completely happy without it. B.S

  2. aj2015 on said:

    Well… yes, if you only portray the most negative aspects of being in a relationship, then no one would ever want to pursue one. But there are a lot of good things that come from being with somebody that shouldn’t be ignored. So while I agree with you on the idea that being single shouldn’t be looked down upon (because I’m right there with you), I think your argument falls a little short. It’s almost like saying we should never eat because of the off-chance we’ll get sick, even though most times that isn’t the result.

    Not trying to be mean or anything, just presenting the other side.

    • I’ve tried to make this reply two times so if it bombards the comment, sorry. But, like I said in the post, I do believe in the good of relationships. However, I’m going enter into a relationship because I really like the other person not because I’m feeling lonely or because the world tells me it’s great. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. Jessica on said:

    You never cease to amaze me my friend =)

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